Why Join Wounds Australia?

As the peak body for wound care and management in Australia, Wounds Australia welcomes health care professionals, scientists, students and others working in or with an interest in wound care to join.

As a member, you enjoy a range of benefits*:
Network and sharing knowledge with other passionate wound-care professionals
Regular email updated regarding Wounds Australia activities and wound management issues
Educational events held at locations around the country
Access to current, evidence-based information about wound care best practice
Opportunity to be involved in development of wound care standards, documents and position papers
Access to members-only content including webinars and presentations
Wound Practice and Research quarterly hard-copy journal
DeepesTissues quarterly newsletter 
Generous scholarships and grant program of up to $56,000 per year, available to members only (conditions apply)

*Please note that some benefits apply to full members only.

“Being granted a Wounds Australia scholarship has allowed me to bring new knowledge to my workplace and revitalised my resolve in ‘making a difference’ in the wound management field.”

Select your desired membership type:
“Wounds Australia membership enables me to interact with other people that are just as passionate about wound care.
It helps me bridge gaps in my knowledge, and bring access to quality care for all patients.”

Full Member

$90 per year
For any individual with recognised Medical, Nursing, Allied Health, Academic or Scientific qualifications who is involved or interested in wound management, except where that person meets the criteria for an alternative membership category.

Corporate Member

$280 per year
For any company, corporation, business or other body corporate or any employee of such body.

Associate Member

$70 per year
For any individual who meets one or more of the following criteria: 

  • Is retired 
  • Is not actively working in wound management 
  • Is a student 
  • Does not have recognised Medical, Nursing, Allied Health or Scientific qualifications 
  • Has any employment or business involved with the manufacture, direct wholesale, sale and /or distribution of any product that may be used in wound prevention/management.
For a full description of Wounds Australia Membership Categories (Full Member, Associate Member, Corporate Member), please click here.